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If I Had Remained Med Compliant… by Monica Cassani “. . . I would still be on a cocktail similar to the one I began to withdraw from 10 years ago now: 84 mg of Concerta 50 mg of Seroquel … Continue reading

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Lack of Research

‘Just to let you know…  I have written to MANY people, including Dr. Thomas Szasz, Dr. Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker, and Guen Olsen, asking for information about research done on the topic of sexual dysfunction from neuroleptics.  Some have simply ignored me.  Others … Continue reading

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Subject of the film,”A Beautiful Mind”, Professor John Nash, and his Recovery From Psychosis Without Drugs

“John Nash let us know that he did not need psychotropic drugs to get better. We always hear about the fear that people will stop taking drugs if they hear some people don’t need them but what about all the people who could be free or on lighter dosages if they knew how to detox safely and got support? What about all the people who are forced to take these drugs when they do them serious harm? Why are the media not concerned about them? If they were not so profitable for many would people care?” ~ Mary Maddock, founder of MindFreedom Ireland

Dr. Nash was also disappointed that the film made it look as though he was actually seeing things which, in his experience, he did not.
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