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Coast to Coast Radio Program with Dr. Peter Breggin as a Guest At last Dr. Breggin is talking about this!  I think that this program might have been more credible if they hadn’t juxtaposed it with something about extraterrestrials. “In … Continue reading

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Sexual Dysfunction – the Forgotten Taboo 01/14/2005 By, TX

This is the most informative article I could find about sexual dysfunction from neuroleptics. However, it does not specifically address genital anesthesia, in women nor in men, nor does it pinpoint studies that do, or that can be understood by the general public.

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Red Book Dialogue: Carl Jung himself thought he was psychotic

Were Jung alive today and to tell another psychiatrist what he was going through, he would most likely be strongly advised to take a cocktail of drugs and told that he needed to be on them for the rest of … Continue reading

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