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Sexual Dysfunction – the Forgotten Taboo 01/14/2005 By, TX

I originally posted this article in February of 2012 but wanted to re-blog it because I think it is one of the most important articles I’ve found.  I believe that many in the mental health field are well aware that … Continue reading

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Alternative Mental Health – Alternative to Meds Center Program Overview

This video showed up in my Facebook memories today. I just added it to my Vlog on my YouTube channel, “LindaKay1948”. There’s a center in Arizona that offers alternatives to drugs when it comes to helping people with mental health. … Continue reading

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Mad In America: Inappropriate Use of Antipsychotics on Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This is  so sad.  I’ve worked with disabled adults and children and hated to see them given so many drugs. (Click on text to read article.) “Recent data, published in The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, finds that a large proportion of adults … Continue reading

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Antidepressant drugs made woman believe she had killed her own children … Hallucinations, crushed libido, side effects galore

Back in 2009 I contacted a man on YouTube who said his name was Kevin.  He had bravely posted a video about persistent sexual dysfunction from SSRIs.  In it he wore a red shirt and went under the user name … Continue reading

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Monica’s Story: The Aftermath of Polypsychopharmacology, by Monica Cassani ~ November 12, 2012

“The tragedy is that during all those years of being drugged during the prime of my life I felt purposeless, flat, barely alive and sexless.” I recently contacted the doctor who is responsible for my iatrogenesis — the doctor who … Continue reading

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Benzo Awareness Day: Psych drugs cause harm (VIDEO)

(July 11th, let us unite with all who’ve been harmed by psychiatric drugs) For more information visit: World Benzodiazepine Day: Change through Unity  (Facebook page) Psychiatric drug withdrawal information and resources Benzodiazepine info, news, resources and recovery stories  Medically induced…

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Torturing new mothers and then wondering why they get mentally ill.

This is the essence of what happened to me as a young mother: “Torturing new mothers? Who does that? Well, as a society, we all do. I’m not kidding, I’m perfectly serious, and I’m going to stop mincing my words … Continue reading

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The Mental (Illness) system and thoughts on alternatives: a collection

“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti I can’t call the current system of care a “mental health system” when it’s so clearly one that generates, encourages and sustains mental…

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Disney Pixar comes out with emotionally intelligent animation

I love Pixars, and I really want to see this one. Emotional “parts” are depicted in this film which may also be a legitimate way of understanding “hearing voices” (that can get people labeled psychotic). I think the truth is, … Continue reading

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Antipsychotic-Induced Sexual Dysfunction and Its Management

This is one of the articles I found today when I googled “PAPSD (Post AntiPsychotics Sexual Dysfunction)”: It states that, “Sexual dysfunction is a common condition in patients taking antipsychotics, and is the most bothersome symptom and adverse drug effect, … Continue reading

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