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Taking “Anti-Psychotics” When You Are Not Psychotic “These days, neuroleptic drugs are widely promoted to treat depression and they are often used “off-label” to treat behavioral problems in children. They are among the most widely prescribed drugs; given the theory … Continue reading

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Here he is: the proverbial doctor who DID take the antipsychotic!! Monica Cassani, formerly calling herself Giana Kali, posted this on her blog, “Beyond Meds” back in April of 2009:    While participating in a study in which volunteers were … Continue reading

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What happens to sexual development in adolescents who’ve grown up on psych meds?

“What happens when the normal drive for sex and orgasm and romantic love is muted or altogether absent because the kids are on SSRI or SNRI antidepressants (and/or other psych drugs)? My friend talked with an adolescent counselor and she’s … Continue reading

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